Leader In Vapour Recovery Technology

Carbovac is a worldwide leader for the supply of vapour treatment solutions for truck, rail cars and marine loading operations as well as for storage facilities.

International Capabilities

Carbovac enters into joint ventures  with local companies around the world to ensure a reactive and effective worldwide service. Suppliers are chosen according to their quality standard and their international network to assure availability of spare parts.


The Carbovac team is the first to use Dry technology in vapor recovery units throughout the industry, and now has an extensive know-how and experience, as well as legitimacy on the VRU process using dry screw vacuum pumps.


CARBOVAC is pleased to announce our new website and brand identity. The new colours and design reflect our commitment to providing modern and technologically advanced solutions to vapour recovery, whilst also benefitting the environment. The new logo also reaffirms our relationship with our parent company, ALMA, and highlights the synergy between the two.

The website now has a news section, allowing us to keep our customers updated on CARBOVAC’s activities, as well as information about our products and services.


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