Our Mission

VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions have an important impact on our environment:

• Human health (Drivers, Operators… Neighbourhood)
• Pollution of the troposphere (Ozone creation at ground level)
• The safety on the terminal (flammable vapors, explosion risks)

Taking into account these impacts, Carbovac wants to provide the world leading technology. The Carbovac Vapor Recovery Technology is the most innovative process available on the market today and is recognized worldwide for its simplicity and reliability by major Oil companies and Oil Product Storage Companies.

Through his leading technology of VRU, Carbovac want to offer a solution for vapors emission control which ensure:

• Higher lifetime of the vacuum system
• Higher lifetime of the activated carbon (> 15 years)
• Lower energy consumption
• Lower maintenance cost
• Simplification of the process: less space requirement, easier to operate.

Together with ALMA, Carbovac ensures a life time support for her equipment.