Compliance with Environmental Legislation

It is the US legislation who picked up the advantages of vapor recovery for environmental protection and issued the first US Clean Air Act on VOC in 1980. At that moment the emission limit was 80 g/m3 of gasoline loaded.

Soon after the improvement in the technology has led to more stringent legislation and the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) fixed the new value at 35 g/m3 gasoline loaded and in some areas even as low as 10 or 6 g/m3 of gasoline loaded.

The need for environmental protection than spread over the world, starting in Europe in 1996 with the European Directive EC94/63: Application for fuels with RVP > 276 mbar – 35 g/m3 of air emitted to atmosphere (10 g/m3 – Gothenburg Protocol)

For some European regulation organization such as, TA-Luft 01 in Germany, LRV in Switzerland, NER in Netherland, strong regulations were implemented. If the emission mass flow > 3 kg/h: 100 mg HC/ m3 of air emitted and 1 mg / m3 for benzene.