Worldwide Maintenance Services

As the system is reduced to the absolute essential components required for functioning (in particular the Vacuum part), the maintenance requirement is also reduce to the mere part. To achieve long term satisfaction of their customers, CARBOVACdeveloped all around the world maintenance agencies and agreements to provide worldwide client support.

To cover the rest of the world CARBOVAC uses to set up Joint Venture with local companies to assure reactivity and efficiency. It is also for CARBOVAC a question of keeping visibility and control of the quality of services offer to the customer. CARBOVAC as a worldwide company choose their supplier according to their quality standard and their international network to assure availability of spare parts. For instance Busch Vacuum Pump and CARBOVAC agreed on an International partnership in terms of maintenance and spare parts management. For more information on our maintenance solutions please contact us at


Intervention for all Vapour Recovery Units:

• Speed of intervention
• Tele assistance
• Stock of spare parts
• Upgrading of Vacuum pump system from Glycol to Dry
• Replacement of the activated carbon
• Destruction of glycol and activated carbon
• Repair of the pump groups
• Expertise of the units, performances checks
• Expertise of the pump, test of capacity

Contract of tele-maintenance :

• Immediate privileged access to the phone centre of support
• Management of the files and tractability
• Connections on tele-assistance

Contract of maintenance :

• Procedures manufacturer
• Software maintenance
• Adjustment of the analysers HC (calibration)
• Control of vibrations on pumps
• Chalk lining of the moto-pumps